Imaging identifies cartilage regeneration in long-distance runners

Category: Healthcare News
Using a mobile MRI truck, researchers followed runners for 4,500 kilometers through Europe to study the physical limits and adaptation of athletes over a 64-day period, according to a study presented ...

Debridement cited as better initial option to treat infection after reverse shoulder arthroplasty

Category: Healthcare News
Results from a retrospective, multicenter study by French researchers that investigated treatment options for infection after reverse shoulder arthroplasty supported the use of debridement as a first-...

The Relationship Between Shoulder Stiffness and Rotator Cuff Healing

Category: Healthcare News
Retear and stiffness are not uncommon outcomes of rotator cuff repair. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between rotator cuff repair healing and shoulder stiffness. Read more ...

Anterior vs. posterior: Does surgical approach impact hip replacement outcomes?

Category: Healthcare News
The surgical approach to total hip replacement (THR)—either from the front of the body or the side/back (anterior versus posterior)—has no impact on outcomes six months after surgery, according to...

Total knee arthroplasty: analysis shows EXPAREL reduces length of hospital stay and improves discharge status compared to standard analgesic modality

Category: Healthcare News
Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced results of new data showing that EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) infiltration compared to a standard analgesic regimen in patients und...


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