Category: Healthcare News
The International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR) recently sponsored a CME symposium, accredited by Marshall University, designed to help orthopaedic surgeons understand the steps involved in...

A 48-year-old woman with right knee pain

Category: Healthcare News
A 48-year-old woman with a history of hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis treated with chronic prednisone, and a two-pack-per-week cigarette use, presented to clinic with 8 years of right knee pain. Sh...

The use of bisphosphonate drugs is associated with an increased risk of atypical hip fractures

Category: Healthcare News
The use of bisphosphonates, a group of drugs used to prevent hip breakages in women with osteoporosis, is associated with an increased risk of atypical fractures in this joint, understood as those tha...

Prevalence of Total Hip and Knee Replacement in the United States

Category: Healthcare News
Background: Descriptive epidemiology of total joint replacement procedures is limited to annual procedure volumes (incidence). The prevalence of the growing number of individuals living with a total h...

Jumbo acetabular cups may offer advantages in revision arthroplasty

Category: Healthcare News
The use of jumbo acetabular cups is a reliable technique in revision arthroplasty, according to a speaker at the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Winter Meeting. Read more Source: Healio...


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